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My Computer Room

The following picture is  my computer room. I work in this room every night.  In this room, I setup wireless home router with a cable modem to connect all my computers to Internet.  My computers can connect to Internet via … Continue reading

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Pigsy adopt your own virtual pet! Pigsy is my pet PIGSY: A Pig Spirit, ex-Marshall of the Hosts of Heaven, and one of TRIPITAKA’s disciples. As told in Journey To The West, the Marshall was by nature a sensual spirit, … Continue reading

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Monkey King adopt your own virtual pet!                                                                                                                    Monkey King is my pet "Monkey King", or known to the Chinese as "Journey to West",written by Wu Ch’eng-en(1500?-1582),a scholar-official, is one of the renowned classical Chinese novels about an allegorical rendition of … Continue reading

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NetBee, Snoopy and Yogi

  Don’t ask. Don’t yell. I am not going to write until I have gut feelings and intuitions for  writing interesting topic. Even if I don’t write words, I wll like to introduce my favorite cartoon icons and YouTube to … Continue reading

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