My Computer Room

The following picture is  my computer room. I work in this room every night.  In this room, I setup wireless home router with a cable modem to connect all my computers to Internet.  My computers can connect to Internet via wireless home network from each room of my house. If I feel thirsty during working in my computer room, I just open my refrigerator (on the left hand side of picture) and get a cup of  milk or 7-Up to drink. If I want to watch DVD, I put my DVD into DVD drive of my desktop computer and watch the DVD movie from  the LCD monitor in front of the window (in the middle of picture).  Normally, I use my laptop computer (on the right hand side of picture)  to surf Internet and watch news.


If I need to debug the router software, I use my company’s laptop to connect the following  Cisco Multi-chassis router and load router image on it for software debugging.


When I enter my computer room every night, I just feel so happy because I have so many computer toys to play.  Yes. This is the best  place to get my work  pressure relief each day ;-).

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One Response to My Computer Room

  1. Janey says:

     hi , i am very interesting your those dolls that you show on cabinet haha!

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