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Tina Turner – The Best (Barcelona 1990)

  — The Best — I call you when I need you, my heart’s on fire You come to me, come to me wild and wiredMmm, you come to me Give me everything I need Give me a lifetime of … Continue reading

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Photography Art

  Photo Basic Design Composition Photo composition rules Rule of Thirds Golden Section rule Diagonal rule Symmetry rule Rule of Thirds: The Rule of Thirds is based on the fact that the human eye is naturally drawn to a point … Continue reading

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Photography Technology

Camera Lens Construction Lenses, and lens quality, are of major concern to a photographer. Lenses were originally ground by hand.  Today, lenses are machine ground and computer-designed. The simplest way to form an image is by using a pinhole. This … Continue reading

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I like 宋詞. One of my favorite 宋詞 is 蘇軾’s 定風波.  When I read through "莫聽穿林打葉聲,何妨吟嘯且徐行。竹杖芒鞋輕勝馬,誰怕?", it makes me so proud of my life. I am not scared any barrier in front of me. I should break those bareiers and … Continue reading

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The Moon on blue sky/Daytime moon

  This picture was taken around 6:00pm on 8/29/2009 at Cisco headquarter compus. Orignally, I was planning to take the largest Cisco backbone router picture after work. However,  our team was too busy on debugging software to take picture. After … Continue reading

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縱貫線 – 公路

      —縱貫線 – 公路— 打开车的窗 太阳在头上公路的右方无边的海洋我怀疑我的梦想已经变了样如果你有所期待很抱歉我会让你失望摸索着未来却一直回头望有些放不下有些不想忘我知道你会感伤但我已没有办法 总是要学着遗忘学着疗伤总要跌跌撞撞才找到答案你说我总是荒唐我承认我是荒唐你以为我喜欢这样吗过去美丽时光顺着海浪 流向未知远方跟过去做个了断让我的心去流浪我要离开这地方 而我却一错再错离开你也是错我只能这样做 也请你原谅我这样做我们曾经爱过对我来说已经足够总是要学着遗忘学着疗伤总要跌跌撞撞才找到答案你说我总是荒唐我承认我是荒唐你以为我喜欢这样吗过去美丽时光顺着海浪 流向未知远方跟过去做个了断让我的心去流浪我要离开这地方 而我却一错再错离开你也是错我只能这样做也请你原谅我这样做我们曾经爱过对我来说已经足够而我却一错再错离开你也是错我只能这样做也请你原谅我这样做我们曾经爱过对我来说已经足够  

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